Pensados Place

Pensados Place

Remote Collaboration with Source Elements

World-shifting audio and video projects don’t have to stop just because everyone isn’t in the same room. Yes, there are unique challenges to bridging space and time zones. And in addition to our day jobs, we’re teaching and taking music lessons; composing arrangements online; and engineering sound for games, or recording our next podcast. But you’ve got access to affordable, secure technology to enable that remote experience, because it’s our passion. Source Elements delivers high-quality, innovative solutions through their platform components. They stay with you to see your masterpiece through to completion, with constant communication and 24/7 support. Whether you need to record a voice actor or musician, compose, live-stream, and record an orchestra performance around the world, or sync a commercial spot with video across the city, Source Elements is the way to lock-in sound quality and synchronicity. Unlike other solutions that are highly complex and force a fragmented approach to collaboration, Source Elements is easy to learn. Easy to use. And hard to resist once you hear your highest- caliber audio creations. All from being connected by a platform so impressive it even heals itself when there is internet packet loss or wireless network lag. Their tools give you the confidence to keep working. Get ready to get secure, relaxed, and expansive in your technical artistry. With Source Elements, now is your time. Please welcome Ross Gillard (VP of Products) and Robert Marshall (Co-Founder) from Source Elements!


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