Pensados Place

Pensados Place

Mixing In Embody Immerse Spatial Audio Production Suite

Embody and Pensado's Place are united in the goal of making spatial audio more accessible to creators, and that's really what this episode is all about. Dave is joined by Kevin Boettger, one of Embody's Spatial Audio Mastering Engineers, to talk about mixing spatial audio and the Immerse Spatial Audio Production Suite - a one-stop-shop for spatial audio production on Pro Tools that includes everything from 3D panning to personalized virtual studio monitoring. You're at The Place! The Immersive Mix Competition is running now through November 20th! Enter for your chance to win great prizes including - Audeze LCD-X headphones - 1 on 1 mix feedback from Lurssen Mastering - Atmos studio time at Just for the Record Judges include Mike Miller, Moritz Braun (producer), Reuben Cohen, and Gavin Lurssen. Enter at https://go.embody.co/EcifpJ If you're interested in Embody's software but want to save some money, they'll be having a Black Friday sale from November 20 - 28! Keep an eye out on socials and email for future announcements about that. More info: https://go.embody.co/L1JAOB


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