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Pensados Place

Grammy Winning Recording & Mix Engineer, Lola Romero

Our guest is a Grammy Award Winning Recording and Mix Engineer. Within six years of graduating, she has worked her way to become the Chief Engineer at Aftermath Records. Please welcome, Lola Romero! Bio: Lola Romero best known as KeepItOnTheLo is a Grammy award winning Chief Engineer at Aftermath Records. Her stage name derived from a play on words using her actual name which transformed into a way of life. Keeping it on the Lo represents a combination of her unique work ethic and humility. By way of the Bay Area with humble beginnings, but currently residing in Los Angeles, Lola has managed to make a name for herself. With only 6 years in the game, she has worked with the likes of industry legends Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Andra Day, Lalah Hathaway and Anderson Paak whom she’s been awarded 3 Grammy’s from, for her contributions to his work.


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