Pensados Place

Pensados Place

Gospel Roundtable (Israel Houghton, Guitar Center, Hope’s House + Lakewood Church)

In this very special episode, Herb and friends take it to church. We are joined by Israel Houghton (esteemed Artist / Songwriter / Producer / Worship Leader), Pastor Ray Murray (Hope House Church), BK Beard (Lakewood Church), Joey David (Bass Musician), and The Guitar Center Foundation - David Helfant (Chairman) and Myka Miller-Jimenez (Executive Director). You're at The Place! ___________________________________________________________ More about our guests: Israel Houghton is an American contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter, producer and worship leader. ___________________________________________________________ Pastor Ray Murray is a man on a mission. He has accepted the call to be a voice to a generation that just wants the truth… Agroup of people unwilling to accept the phrase “that’s just the way it is.” Whether in the pulpit delivering spiritual messages or standing on public stages sharing inspiration and encouragement, he stands comfortably in the intersection between life and scripture with a conversational style that is honest, often humorous and always insightful. Currently, as the executive pastor of Hope’s House Christian Ministries, his ease with sharing the truth of his life with others comes from what he calls “correction not perfection.” He understands that he is a recipient of God’s love and is always honored to share his story with the world. ___________________________________________________________ BK Beard: Director of Audio at Lakewood Church, BK Beard Productions L.L.C. As the Director of Audio at Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen Ministries, BK is a seasoned audio professional with over 25 years of experience. His expertise spans live mixing, PA and FOH optimization, broadcast audio, studio recording, touring, managing large-scale productions, installs, and audio design work. BK has had the privilege of bringing the message of hope to arenas and stadiums worldwide. Over the years, he has worked with incredible talent in both live mixing and studio recording environments. In 2023, BK launched his audio coaching program, BK Beard Audio, specifically focused on live mix optimization. This year, he plans to start a mentorship program dedicated to helping churches, audio teams, and engineers with the unique day-to-day challenges of creating consistent and quality audio for their in-person and online services. In addition, BK has been married to his wife Aimee for over 21 years and is a proud father to five amazing boys. ___________________________________________________________ Joey David is a talented bassist and music producer known for his innovative approach and dynamic performances. His work has been featured on numerous recordings, and his reputation for excellence has made him a sought-after collaborator in the music industry. Joey recently appeared on the Pensado’s Place podcast to share insights from his career and his experiences in the Church and more.


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