Into The Lair

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AT5045 Mic Techniques

Dave Pensado and Cole Nystrom show you some mic techniques to use when tracking while using the Audio-Technica AT5045 Cardioid Condenser Microphone.


Creating Drum Loops

Echo Bar Owner Erik Reichers discusses creating theme-specific drum loops in the 120th Into The Lair.


Mixing Big Drums

Dave Pensado shows you how a unique method to make your existing drum tracks sound huge in the mix in the 119th Into The Lair.


Mixing Vocals

Dave shows you some techniques to help bring the energy of the vocal into focus through some unique methods in the 118th Into The Lair.

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How to get WIDE stereo tracks

Dave shows you some simple techniques to achieve WIDE stereo tracks in the 117th Into The Lair.

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Telefunken 251 Microphone Overview by John McBride

John McBride, Engineer and Director of Blackbird Studio in Nashville, TN goes over the famed Telefunken 251 microphone (1 of 25 at Blackbird Studio) and what makes it such an iconic piece of recording equipment.

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Mixing FAT Kick Drums

Dave Pensado shows you some techniques to make your kicks FAT while still fitting perfectly in the mix.


Mixing Big FAT Snares

Want your snare drums to have more fatness and low-end in the mix? Dave provides some simple tricks to help you out in the 115th Into The Lair.

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5 Favorite Mix Buss Plugins of 2014

Dave Pensado shows you his top 5 favorite mix buss plugins for 2014 in the 114th Into The Lair.

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3 Must-Have Plugins

Dave shows you 3 cheap/free highly-useful plugins that can enhance your mixes and workflow in the 113th Into The Lair.