Into The Lair

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New Ways To Mix Reverb

Dave shows you some new ways to use reverb to get the most out of your vocal tracks.

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Mastering Techniques For Better Dynamics

Dave shows you some simple tricks to use while mastering your music to preserve dynamics and give your tracks a better feel.

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Mixing Vocals With Multiple Delays

Dave shows you how using multiple delays on a vocal and adjusting by ear can give your delays a better feel in the mix than simply timing them with the BPM of the track.

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Mixing Vocals With Parametric EQ

Mix Engineer Dave Pensado shows you techniques using the bandwidth of your parametric EQ's that can be used to achieve better sounding vocals in the mix.


iZotope Nectar 2 Plugin Overview with Dave Pensado


AEA N22 Nuvo Series Microphone – ITL #101

Dave Pensado and Bob Horn put the AEA N22 Nuvo Series microphone through it's paces at Echo Bar Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA.

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How to use filters when mixing Bass – ITL #100

Dave Pensado shows you how to get the most of your Bass tracks by using Hi and Low-pass filters while mixing.

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How To Widen Guitars – Into The Lair #99

Learn how to get your guitars sounding nice and wide in your mixes with these tips in the 99th Into The Lair from Pensado's Place.


Creative Vocal Delays and Effects – Into The Lair #98

Dave Pensado shows you a creative way to get great-sounding vocal delays and effects in your mixes on the 98th Into The Lair.

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EQ Tricks for Bass and Kicks – Into The Lair #97

Dave Pensado shows you a trick that he developed with mix engineer Jaycen Joshua to improve the low end in both the bass and kick elements in your mix. This is a great trick if you are having trouble with two instruments fighting for space in the same frequency spectrum.


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